Roy Rentals – Property Management

Immediately after the transaction is completed, the asset is transferred to one of our management and maintenance companys: ROY PROPERTIES HOLDING in Florida and ACACIA REALTY in Ohio.

The management company finds tenants and maintains ongoing contact with them, while making sure to make all current payments on the property, and finally, to transfer the net income from the property to the investor each month.

​Our management companies are well established with many years of experience in property maintenance. Other than finding the right tenants and meeting the requirements of the homeowner’s association, it is also responsible for collecting the rent, handling maintenance and repair problems, and in rare cases, even in managing the process of evicting tenants. Professional property management gives you, the investor, a quiet mind, and protects the continuous and ongoing returns on the property too, of course.

The investor chooses which management company to work with. We provide the management services in every country we work in and provide all the necessary services, including regular monthly reports and the transfer of rental payments on a regular basis. Investors are provided with online access to the property management software, allowing them to track their income and current expenses on a monthly basis.

Management and maintenance services include:

Property Rental

Lease Agreement

Signing of the lease agreement


Collection of rent and security deposit from the tenant


Regular supervision of the property and dealing with repairs and problems


Renewal of the rental agreement from year to year

ROY’s fairness, service and experience will enable you to earn a monthly income from your property, and mainly, will give you peace                                                                     of mind with the financial management of your investment.

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