Added Value

The partnership’s many years of experience and long period of learning the market led the company to focus on the states Florida, Michigan and Ohio. Our goal is to acquire high-yield properties for investors, from private homes (apartments or houses) to commercial property. The investor is the one who determines the budget for the acquisition, and the company’s experts locate the most suitable properties for him or her.

The purchasing process is carried out by the 101 team, in a well-planned and consistent manner.

The process includes an in-depth analysis of the transaction’s profitability, i.e., the neighborhood’s condition (the properties are purchased in high-demand areas that are characteristically close to plazas and universities that provide community services and entertainment), the asset’s physical condition, betterment costs, the evaluation of demand and of the going rental prices in the area, and of expected selling prices.

101 uses local professionals and constructs a legal and tax framework for the investor to receive the appropriate asset, and therefore 101 opens a limited liability company (LLC) for the investor and opens an IRS file for the investor.

101 will find the property, negotiate and sign a purchase agreement with the help of a local attorney and a title company. All properties meet the above criteria and reflect a yield ranging from 7-10% a year, net.

A local attorney supervises the property acquisition process until registration of the investors rights with the land registry has been completed.

We also offer management of property renovations and adapting the property to house tenants in accordance with local law.

We advertising the property for the purpose of renting it out, where our aim is to provide the investor with a fine property, a good tenant who will take care of the property over time, and to transfer the asset to the management company immediately thereafter.

101 Capital Investments generates a specific investment portfolio for each investor that corresponds to his or her way of thinking and creates certainty in each stage of the transaction until its completion.

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