The company’s team is comprised from an Israeli-American partnership that uses the knowledge, mental flexibility and business acumen that characterizes Israelis along with American business culture, in which fairness is primary.

Guy- 101 Capital Investments

Guy Buttel

Mr. Guy Botal is responsible for locating premium private homes and commercial properties in the State of Ohio (Cleveland), renovating them and finding first-rate tenants for the property. Ongoing management is conducted with the local company, Acacia. Guy holds a degree in medical biotechnology and is a part owner of A.N. Galmed Ltd, which provides medical equipment in Israel.

Ofir Badash Capital Investments

Adv. Ofir Badash

Adv. Ofir Badash is responsible for matching the right properties to the investor’s budget and wishes. The company identifies the properties with the greatest potential for a stable and ongoing return, as well as evaluates the prospect of future appreciations in value. General financial control provides peace of mind for the investor. Ofir has been practicing law in Israel since 2005 and has an MBA in business administration. He serves as the director of the "Arion" Fund in Florida. He is also a business and legal consultant to Israeli companies in the international arena. Between 2007 and 2013, he served as vice president and senior member of management for Combe Group. Ofir volunteers with the Vehadarta Association for advancing the status of the elderly in Israel.

Theresa - 101 Capital Investments

Ms. Theresa Otero

Ms. Teresa Otero is the company’s longstanding administrative manager, and part of her role as manager includes ongoing correspondence prior to and after property purchase. Teresa is responsible for direct contact with tenants, from payment collection to dealing with any regular repairs. She deals with the various local authorities as well.

Matan - 101 Capital Investments

Matan Zafri

Mr. Matan Zafri is a certified real estate agent who specializes in finding off-market properties in various investment cities. Matan is our “man in the field”. He looks for the next lucrative opportunity from passive income or for the next flip deal.

Joel Lankri

Joel M Lancry

Mr. Joel M Lancry is a native of Ohio state and has been working in the Real Estate industry for over 35 years. Joel is a licensed Real Estate agent in Ohio and leading our high hand renovation projects for our properties in Cleveland.

Lionel - 101 Capital Investments

Leonel Harari

Mr. Leonel Harari has been a property and investment manager (residential homes/commercial properties) in Florida for ten years. Leonel specializes in representing investors, mainly from South, Central America and France (and speaks English, Spanish and French).

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